Yu Maemura

My central research interests lie in negotiation and conflict resolution. I am constantly thinking about why and how humans and social processes can obstruct problem solving efforts, and what we need to do to improve these efforts to collectively solve the issues we as an interconnected global community face today. For me, some of the most important issues include global poverty, climate change & sustainability, conflicts & security, and diversity (or lack thereof). I am particularly interested in how development aid can be used as a tool to address these issues. My efforts to conduct qualitative research on how these themes apply to the context of international development have led me to conduct studies in conflict resolution, evaluation theory and methodology, linguistics (socio-linguistics and cognitive linguistics), communication studies, and discourse analysis (among others).

Selective Publications

2019 / Safety Science
Organizational and Institutional Factors Affecting High-Speed Rail Safety in Japan
Bugalia, N., Maemura, Y., and Ozawa K.

2019 / Asian Development Bank Institute Working Paper Series
Safety Culture in High-Speed Railways and the Importance of Top Management Decisions
Bugalia, N., Maemura, Y., and Ozawa K.

2019 / Journal of Engineering Education
Which “culture”? A critical analysis of intercultural communication in engineering education
Handford, Van Maele, Matous, & Maemura.

2018 / Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
Root Causes of Recurring Contractual Conflicts in International Construction Projects: Five Case Studies from Vietnam
Maemura, Y., Kim E., Ozawa, K.

2018 / Journal of Management in Engineering / Vol. 34, Issue 5. 
Exploring Internationally Operated Construction Projects through the Critical Incident Technique
Haussner, D., Maemura, Y., Matous, P.

2016 / American Journal of Evaluation / Vol. 37, No. 3, pp. 408-424
Impartiality and Hierarchical Evaluations in the Japanese Development Aid Community
Maemura, Y.

2014 / Humor / Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 103-119
Humour and Laughter in Japanese Groups: The Kuuki of Negotiations
Maemura, Y.

2013 / Conflict Resolution Quarterly / Vol. 31, No. 2, pp. 159-187
Changing Stereotypes in India’s Garment Sector through Dialogue
Maemura, Y.

2012 / Group Decision and Negotiation / Vol. 21, No. 6, pp. 821-838
Humour in Negotiations: A Pragmatic Analysis of Humour in Simulated Negotiations
Maemura, Y., Horita, M.