Our Master’s and Undergraduate students are getting ready to submit their final research theses as we approach the end of the Japanese academic calendar. Our students have covered a range of topics, including fee negotiations, construction site efficiency, investment effects, inspection systems, overseas expansion, results-based HR, privatization of water supply services, and open innovation in the Japanese construction industry.

Please stay tuned as we will upload each thesis title as soon as the final research presentations are completed.

Looking further forward, we are very excited for the spring break, as we begin our preparations to welcome new students to the group in April, as well as our yearly overseas field study trip. This year we will be visiting Nepal to see an example of how Japanese government funds, advanced private sector engineering technology, and local capacity can come together to build a road and provide increased transportation access for the people of Nepal.

As always, our students will be tasked to utilize this valuable opportunity to draft up a report on the infrastructure conditions of the country, and produce a detailed case analysis of the project we will be visiting.

The Management Group wishes everyone a wonderful 2018!