Members of the Management Group have had a busy couple of months as our students and researchers do their best to have a productive summer. A Master’s student from Sri Lanka has finished presenting his final defense entitled “A Compensation System for Agricultural Land Acquisition to Affected People in Infrastructure Development Projects”, and will be presenting a shortened version at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE), in Fukuoka, Japan.

Three of our members will also be going to Thailand to present their research results the 11th International Symposium of the Society for Social Management Systems. Two presentations will be made, entitled 1) Analysis of Incentive Mechanisms for Availability Payment Systems Applied to Highway PPP Projects, and 2) Institutional Development of Public-Private-Partnerships in Vietnam.

Finally, all of us are gearing up for our annual summer trip. This year, the Management Group will be visiting Gunma Prefecture, to receive a tour and observe the construction of the Yamba dam.